Dear Family and Friends,

Lilly, AG and me

Since the fall of 2010, I have been traveling with the Galkin Evangelistic Team. After 4 years, this year is my last year. It is a bittersweet feeling. I will miss the team and the kids, but it has been such a sweet growing time in my relationship with God. I have seen God change me in so many ways, and I rejoice in His promise that He will continue to do a good work until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6).

I have loved traveling, but have loved what God has taught me along the way even more. However, it hasn’t been easy. One of the passages God used was 1 John 4. God showed me that I am fearful of what people think about my spiritual state, my past circumstances and my future. I didn’t love God or others, I loved myself. I was insecure in God’s love for me, so couldn’t possibly love God or anyone besides myself.

Throughout the years of working at Northland Camp and traveling, God continued to use His Word to change me and to grow closer to Him. He used James 4 to show me that God pursues my heart; that He is jealous for my affections. When I start turning towards God He runs to me like the father ran to the prodigal son. He then used Hebrews 12 to encourage me to keep running the race by looking at the finished work of Christ. Colossians 3 summed it all up by telling those that are in Christ to seek those things which are above and to not set your affections on things on the earth. Praise the Lord that He has used His Word to bring me to Him. My God has been so kind as to make the Gospel clearer than it has ever been before. Obviously, this is not of anything I can do or any other person, but through what God has done alone. I need to live a grace-dependent life, not a self-dependent one.

Our team has served different churches around the United States, and I have asked myself what am I living for? Have I been living for myself, because I want to look spiritual or do I really want to serve God? As I grew, I realized that yes I do live for self because I have a flesh, but I also have the Spirit fighting my flesh as well that wants to live for God fully! I have always been burdened to work in a church somewhere, wherever God may lead, but I didn’t know where to go after traveling.

I have prayed about the possibility of being apart of Gospel Grace Church in Salt Lake City. I would hopefully get a normal job and pray that God would provide ways to share the Gospel. However, after praying about it for a long time, I realized that although this burden is still on my heart, that it wasn’t time to move to Salt Lake City yet. So, I prayed that God would open doors.

Last fall, God amazingly provided an open door to move to Guam and be a part of Harvest Baptist Church! As I prayed about it more, I filled out the application and waited. I wasn’t sure that I would be given a job, but I had been praying that God would shut the door if this was not His will for me. Then in January, someone from the church called and asked for an interview. I was so excited that God was showing me what I was to do after traveling and to keep pursuing it! After talking with the music pastor, they offered me a job!!

God provides in such miraculous ways! So, I will be moving to Guam in August and be working there at the church. There are so many opportunities there and I have personally been burdened for girls my age and look forward to fellowshipping with them and being involved in music as well.

It won’t be easy being away from family and friends, but I pray that God will use this season in Guam to bring us all closer to Him and more dependent on Him. I love my family and will miss them greatly. Praise the Lord for His guided hand!

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