Beautiful Grief


Today, was one of those days.

One of those days where you have so much on your mind and so much going on that you almost forget there are others around you. Whether its the class you have to get to, the text you have to answer, the dinner you have to prepare, or the meetings you have to go to this week…it can all be overwhelming. So overwhelming that we become self-focused and protective of our “time kingdoms.”

But then, you see the hurt in someone’s eyes and you stop for a second to actually ask how they are doing. You need to be somewhere, but somehow it can wait. They tell you their burden and suddenly you are pulled into the grief mire with them because you’ve been there. You’ve been in their place. You understand their pain and you are reminded of your loss. But in this loss, God places a special perspective lens over it. This perspective is called eternity.

Grief is ugly, harsh, cruel, and not what God intended for us to bear. But what man made into a curse, God has made into a gift. He has made grief beautiful.

How has He done this?

He has done so by giving us, Jesus. God sacrificed His Son for us. He went through the deepest grief of losing His Son so that we could have a relationship with Himself. He did this through the painful suffering of the cross. The place where grief, guilt, and despair died at the cost of Jesus’ life. Whether we believe it or not, God understands what we are going through. He places our tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8). He knows loss, He knows pain, and He has made a way for this earthly grief to fade away. The old hymn, I Stand Amazed in the Presence displays Christ’s grief well:

For me it was in the garden
He prayed: Not My will, but Thine.
He had no tears for His own griefs,
But sweat drops of blood for mine.

How marvelous! How wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
How marvelous! How wonderful!
Is my Savior’s love for me!

Oh, what precious drops of blood! Does this not make you stand amazed and in awe of what God has done for you; what He has finished?

So, let us as the body of Christ remind each other of the truths of the Gospel, of those that need the Gospel, encourage one another to spread the Gospel, and may we rejoice together in the story of the Gospel. This is not our final home. Grief is not forever and Christ is the beautiful end.

“For God’s children, eternity promises that sin will die, suffering will end, our trials will be no more, and we will live with God in perfect peace forever and ever and ever. You just can’t make proper sense of life without viewing it from the perspective of eternity.” 

New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional, Paul David Tripp


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