Our Wedding


For the last month and a half, Matt and I have been thinking through our wedding day on December 9, 2019. We have been trying to savor every sweet moment and relive what was one of the most joyous and sobering days that we have experienced together so far. We had been praying about what we wanted our wedding to reflect, what it should stand for, and share that focus with our family and friends.

We desperately wished that we could have invited everyone that we loved and that we could have shared this day with those who couldn’t make it and those who have passed on from this earth as well. We did not do a live recording of our wedding to post on social media. So, for those who couldn’t be there, we wanted to share with you a little taste of what our ceremony was like.

Our wedding wasn’t an untraditional wedding or a traditional one even. For us, it meant that we truly wanted to give glory and honor to God and to take the focus off of the wedding as much as we could!  Although we did desire to have a beautiful wedding and for our guests to enjoy the day, our true joy came from the conversations we have been able to have about Christ since then.

With our families and friends by our side, we hoped the truth of the Gospel would be proclaimed throughout that day. We played “Just As I Am” as the mothers and grandmothers were escorted down the aisle with the desire to remind everyone that we can come to the Lord just as we are because of Jesus’ sacrifice. Then, Matt’s sisters read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Ephesians 4:32, and Romans 8:35-39 followed by the song “Faith to Be Strong” to remind us that we rely on His Word and Truth to give us strength. Then, Matt and I had our mentors give the challenge and marry us. The Gospel was so clear in their presentations as we soberly stood there realizing the weight of our decision in the presence of God to commit to each other until death parts us. Finally, after we shared the vows that Matt wrote, Matt and I shared in communion and prayer while hearing “Come Thou Fount” arranged by a sweet friend for our wedding. This song is one of our favorites as it reminds us to always “Tune our hearts” to sing the praises of God through the trials and joyful moments in our lives. To finish we sang, “In Christ Alone” with the congregation. This was one of our favorite moments of the day.

We could not be more grateful for what God provided or be able to thank all the people that He allowed to be a part of our wedding day. Whether it was through recommendations, Biblical counsel, music, food, gifts, time, or prayers, we were blessed beyond what we deserved. It has been over a month since Matt and I married and we still are looking back in awe of what God allowed us to do. Our heart’s overall description as we reflect on our wedding day is…




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