Broadway on Ice and Bedazzled Talons

I’ve tried my best to figure out what in the world goes on inside my head when these dreams occur, but I’ve given up. I just have wild dreams. And this dream…was no different. I didn’t quite realize until I woke up that my dream must have taken place during some kind of music competition. There were at least three different scenes taking place. One was a choral practice, the other a piano recital with an evil twist and a finale Broadway Musical number on ice. Yes, I think that the Broadway on ice should definitely be taken seriously! The idea is just brilliant.

It all started in the choral practice room with chairs on the stage, water bottles everywhere and empty red velvet seats in the audience that would soon be filled (I’ll assume we were practicing for the musical number on ice). We were all just getting in to take our seats while the director tried his best to quiet everyone so we could finally get started. I looked around at the crowd to see many familiar faces. I usually know that I’m dreaming and at that moment it occurred to me that I may be dreaming about choir practice because of a recent concert I attended. This practice would soon end because of a piano competition happening that very next hour.

The piano competition was going well. The audience was quiet as they listened to the pianist perform her beautiful piece. Unbeknownst to the audience, the brother of the pianist competing, was at the back with the door wide open and the blinds raised up that had been covering the window of the doors.

This was against the rules of the competition! According to the judges, if anyone was seen at the door or if the blinds were touched at any moment, the competitor would be accused of cheating and would be excused from the room.

What kind of rule is that?

The judges were completely enthralled with the music and were completely blinded to the activities going on. The host of the night (my former elementary school teacher) was not so blind. He immediately came to me and questioned the actions of the young girl and asked if I knew the man behind the door (who is now my husband). I apologized for what had happened and assured him that the pianist was innocent. I quickly got hold of the brother to speak with him and found out that he had wanted her to be found cheating. He was just plain evil (in my dream of course…lol)!

Then a quick scene change to a lighted ice rink. Something was about to start as the orchestrated music began. I then felt I was being moved and looked down to find  that I was wearing ice skates and was surrounded by a crowd of others waiting to go out onto the stage. I was in the show…whatever it was. I also was dressed as a beautiful white swan with long white wings with gold flecks all over. This wasn’t so terrible. The others with me were also dressed beautifully as different animals.  All of a sudden, the characters on the ice began to sing and dance. It was pretty much a Broadway musical on ice with orchestrated music,  intricate costumes and a grand feeling. Then to my surprise…

I started going up into the air…along with the others dressed in animal costumes. We were being pulled into the air by some sort of line that brought us to the center and kept bring us around the main stage of characters. We were strung up like a chandelier, but all on different levels going up and down like a carousel. It was a sight to behold and I know my words could never describe the amazing feeling or view I was seeing in my imagination.

Slowly, we all begin coming down from the air as the song was reaching its last few measures and the show was about to end. As we came down, one of the men had slipped on the ice and slid right into backstage. I was worried and skated back there as soon as the cable let go of my costume. When I went back to the stage, I could see that the man was bleeding and he hurriedly skated out and warned me to be careful of the purple bedazzled talons. Yes, I think I’m going crazy.

So, I carefully skated inside this room that was filled with props from floor to ceiling and off to the side was an empty bird cage. Just as soon as I realized this, a white tropical bird came flying towards my face. I quickly dodged it, but immediately felt pain in my leg as his purple bedazzled talons…and then I woke up.

Tell me of your latest crazy dream!

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