Property Taxes, Puppies and Company

Well, if you thought it wouldn’t get weirder, it has. Now my dreams come with major responsibility. Ugh…

So, this dream is rather short, but none the less entertaining. The other night I woke up to the sounds, and possibly smells, of salmon. Nope we haven’t cooked salmon yet in our home, but my brain pulled the memory of salmon smell into my dream. I don’t know…its weird.

In my dream, my husband was talking to his mom who was over at our house on our (non-existent) back porch grilling salmon. I walked into the middle of their conversation and pulled up a pink slip that I apparently was holding and said, “Hon, did you know we have a $4,000 property tax to pay?” His mom responded with, “That’s what you get when you become an adult.” Needless to say, I’ve been an adult for some time, but this property tax was ridiculous. Without a solution, I turned around to see that we had invited two of our friends over for dinner. They just sat there on the couch eating our only bag of Barbecue Potato Chips. They responded to our property tax dilemma with some sort of wise statement hindered by mouths full of potato chips. I couldn’t understand a single word.

Then a small curly haired black puppy came out of no where. I still can’t remember his name, but he had destroyed something that I had to clean up. Probably toilet paper.

Share a dream you’ve had recently below in the comments!

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