A Twisted Card Game and a Friendly Neighborhood Arachnid

So, it’s been a hot minute…

And I thought maybe we could all use a little bit of entertainment…what do you think?
A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was in this beautiful mansion in the middle of the jungle.

With me, there were also about 20 children and teens gathered in the kitchen and open living area that had a ceiling to floor display of beautiful windows (kind of like the ones described in a Charles Dickens novel). On the outside of these windows, were green cutso vines threatening invasion. You could also see the evening sky opening up to a huge storm of lightning and rain…so much rain. 

However, back to the story…I was not the only adult. That’s right, Tobey Maguire was there too. I’m not sure why he was even there in my dream to be honest. He certainly didn’t help our little situation.

Once I had observed all these little details, I noticed something else, we all had these silver Egyptian-like half-moon necklaces on. They were smooth except at one corner. Right near the collarbone of the necklace was a button with the word: PRESS. Instantly, I felt like we were in danger. In fact, we were in a LOT of danger. 

On the kitchen island was a stack of cards…we were playing a game. The rules were that only a single card could be removed from the top of the stack by the person who had their turn next in the game. On the card was your next task that was iriddle form so you never knew exactly what you would face. But that wasn’t all. This game wasn’t a respecter of persons. A child could get an extremely dangerous task or an adult could get a simple task. It was never predictable.

Then, you were sent to a black room behind glass to complete your task while everyone else was forced to watch you succeed or fail. There were 3 ways that you could get out of that black room.

1. Succeed in your task to be sent back out with the others to continue the game.
2. Fail in your task and be sent to the jungle to try to survive, but it was unlikely.
3. Hit the PRESS button on your necklace to skip the task. This could only be done once.

Suddenly, good ol’ Tobey picks up a card and heads into the black room. As the rules said, we were all forced to sit and watch. 

A tree with a tropical bird suddenly appeared in the middle of the room and light shone only around the tree. Tobey was in awe of the bird and, distracted, went near the tree. At that moment, we suddenly saw his task inching toward him ready to pounce. It was a LION!

We all started screaming and motioning for him to PRESS the button on his necklace, but he wouldn’t listen! It was a task that couldn’t be complete. And then, Tobey OPENED THE DOOR!

Tobey ran out with the Lion chasing him and all of us screaming!!!!!! 

Then I woke up.

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