Take Courage

This seems debilitating…even distant. Where do I get courage? Where do I feel brave enough to stand up for what I believe in or even take the courage to sit and rest? I must do something, I MUST make a difference with my post, my lifestyle, my words, it must be enough…I must be enough. But how when my feet feel so feeble and unable to make the next step without approval or the fear of being rejected. It’s impossible.

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s because our world feels so off…so broken. We feel confusion, anxiety, loneliness and the inability to even physically move at times. Yet God is still in control. Isn’t He?

We all live in a fear-driven, social media-numbed society. That is true. But, could we ourselves be the cause of all the chaos in our own lives? Do we allow the posts, the opinions, our own thoughts to fill up our minds and drown out the quiet that we so desperately need?

If you were to turn off the music in your car and put down your phone what would happen? Did reading this just give you a little anxiety? If that’s true, then you are not alone, and it’s also a problem.

Maybe the to-do lists start coming to mind, or the grief that you’ve been pushing down starts to rise to the surface. It could be a number of things, but when they come, it can feel like a wave coming over you when your feet can’t even touch the bottom of the ocean.

That’s when you realize, you don’t have it all together. When you realize your weaknesses. And this…is a GOOD place to be.

You don’t have to be good at something to be brave or have the greatest faith to trust in God.

God has said that we just need the faith of a mustard seed to see mountains move and He even calls us to run our race. Not perfectly or fast, just focused on Him.

If in that silent car, we bravely gave our worries, our anxieties, our next endeavor, our children, our next meal over to God instead of allowing the noise of the world to cover up our need of Jesus, we would be different. We would be confident, rested, and even courageous because we are basing all of our next steps on what God has already done for us. We can give it freely to Him.

Take courage.


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