A Twisted Card Game and a Friendly Neighborhood Arachnid

So, it’s been a hot minute…

And I thought maybe we could all use a little bit of entertainment…what do you think?
A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was in this beautiful mansion in the middle of the jungle.

With me, there were also about 20 children and teens gathered in the kitchen and open living area that had a ceiling to floor display of beautiful windows (kind of like the ones described in a Charles Dickens novel). On the outside of these windows, were green cutso vines threatening invasion. You could also see the evening sky opening up to a huge storm of lightning and rain…so much rain. 

However, back to the story…I was not the only adult. That’s right, Tobey Maguire was there too. I’m not sure why he was even there in my dream to be honest. He certainly didn’t help our little situation.

Once I had observed all these little details, I noticed something else, we all had these silver Egyptian-like half-moon necklaces on. They were smooth except at one corner. Right near the collarbone of the necklace was a button with the word: PRESS. Instantly, I felt like we were in danger. In fact, we were in a LOT of danger. 

On the kitchen island was a stack of cards…we were playing a game. The rules were that only a single card could be removed from the top of the stack by the person who had their turn next in the game. On the card was your next task that was iriddle form so you never knew exactly what you would face. But that wasn’t all. This game wasn’t a respecter of persons. A child could get an extremely dangerous task or an adult could get a simple task. It was never predictable.

Then, you were sent to a black room behind glass to complete your task while everyone else was forced to watch you succeed or fail. There were 3 ways that you could get out of that black room.

1. Succeed in your task to be sent back out with the others to continue the game.
2. Fail in your task and be sent to the jungle to try to survive, but it was unlikely.
3. Hit the PRESS button on your necklace to skip the task. This could only be done once.

Suddenly, good ol’ Tobey picks up a card and heads into the black room. As the rules said, we were all forced to sit and watch. 

A tree with a tropical bird suddenly appeared in the middle of the room and light shone only around the tree. Tobey was in awe of the bird and, distracted, went near the tree. At that moment, we suddenly saw his task inching toward him ready to pounce. It was a LION!

We all started screaming and motioning for him to PRESS the button on his necklace, but he wouldn’t listen! It was a task that couldn’t be complete. And then, Tobey OPENED THE DOOR!

Tobey ran out with the Lion chasing him and all of us screaming!!!!!! 

Then I woke up.

Property Taxes, Puppies and Company

Well, if you thought it wouldn’t get weirder, it has. Now my dreams come with major responsibility. Ugh…

So, this dream is rather short, but none the less entertaining. The other night I woke up to the sounds, and possibly smells, of salmon. Nope we haven’t cooked salmon yet in our home, but my brain pulled the memory of salmon smell into my dream. I don’t know…its weird.

In my dream, my husband was talking to his mom who was over at our house on our (non-existent) back porch grilling salmon. I walked into the middle of their conversation and pulled up a pink slip that I apparently was holding and said, “Hon, did you know we have a $4,000 property tax to pay?” His mom responded with, “That’s what you get when you become an adult.” Needless to say, I’ve been an adult for some time, but this property tax was ridiculous. Without a solution, I turned around to see that we had invited two of our friends over for dinner. They just sat there on the couch eating our only bag of Barbecue Potato Chips. They responded to our property tax dilemma with some sort of wise statement hindered by mouths full of potato chips. I couldn’t understand a single word.

Then a small curly haired black puppy came out of no where. I still can’t remember his name, but he had destroyed something that I had to clean up. Probably toilet paper.

Share a dream you’ve had recently below in the comments!

Broadway on Ice and Bedazzled Talons

I’ve tried my best to figure out what in the world goes on inside my head when these dreams occur, but I’ve given up. I just have wild dreams. And this dream…was no different. I didn’t quite realize until I woke up that my dream must have taken place during some kind of music competition. There were at least three different scenes taking place. One was a choral practice, the other a piano recital with an evil twist and a finale Broadway Musical number on ice. Yes, I think that the Broadway on ice should definitely be taken seriously! The idea is just brilliant.

It all started in the choral practice room with chairs on the stage, water bottles everywhere and empty red velvet seats in the audience that would soon be filled (I’ll assume we were practicing for the musical number on ice). We were all just getting in to take our seats while the director tried his best to quiet everyone so we could finally get started. I looked around at the crowd to see many familiar faces. I usually know that I’m dreaming and at that moment it occurred to me that I may be dreaming about choir practice because of a recent concert I attended. This practice would soon end because of a piano competition happening that very next hour.

The piano competition was going well. The audience was quiet as they listened to the pianist perform her beautiful piece. Unbeknownst to the audience, the brother of the pianist competing, was at the back with the door wide open and the blinds raised up that had been covering the window of the doors.

This was against the rules of the competition! According to the judges, if anyone was seen at the door or if the blinds were touched at any moment, the competitor would be accused of cheating and would be excused from the room.

What kind of rule is that?

The judges were completely enthralled with the music and were completely blinded to the activities going on. The host of the night (my former elementary school teacher) was not so blind. He immediately came to me and questioned the actions of the young girl and asked if I knew the man behind the door (who is now my husband). I apologized for what had happened and assured him that the pianist was innocent. I quickly got hold of the brother to speak with him and found out that he had wanted her to be found cheating. He was just plain evil (in my dream of course…lol)!

Then a quick scene change to a lighted ice rink. Something was about to start as the orchestrated music began. I then felt I was being moved and looked down to find  that I was wearing ice skates and was surrounded by a crowd of others waiting to go out onto the stage. I was in the show…whatever it was. I also was dressed as a beautiful white swan with long white wings with gold flecks all over. This wasn’t so terrible. The others with me were also dressed beautifully as different animals.  All of a sudden, the characters on the ice began to sing and dance. It was pretty much a Broadway musical on ice with orchestrated music,  intricate costumes and a grand feeling. Then to my surprise…

I started going up into the air…along with the others dressed in animal costumes. We were being pulled into the air by some sort of line that brought us to the center and kept bring us around the main stage of characters. We were strung up like a chandelier, but all on different levels going up and down like a carousel. It was a sight to behold and I know my words could never describe the amazing feeling or view I was seeing in my imagination.

Slowly, we all begin coming down from the air as the song was reaching its last few measures and the show was about to end. As we came down, one of the men had slipped on the ice and slid right into backstage. I was worried and skated back there as soon as the cable let go of my costume. When I went back to the stage, I could see that the man was bleeding and he hurriedly skated out and warned me to be careful of the purple bedazzled talons. Yes, I think I’m going crazy.

So, I carefully skated inside this room that was filled with props from floor to ceiling and off to the side was an empty bird cage. Just as soon as I realized this, a white tropical bird came flying towards my face. I quickly dodged it, but immediately felt pain in my leg as his purple bedazzled talons…and then I woke up.

Tell me of your latest crazy dream!

A New Year’s Day Wedding and a Conversation with Tim Keller

It’s been a year since I started sharing my dreams on my blog. Almost to the day! So much has happened and it literally feels as though I’ve been on a roller coaster since moving back from Guam. Because of the busyness, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t dreamed! That is, until last night. Let me just dive in right here…

When the fuzziness starts to fade, I start seeing colors then shapes. I realize that I’m standing in a room with a bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen. They were all trying on a special pink sweatshirt that the bride and groom had selected as their gift for being a part of the wedding party. I knew of the family but had never met the bride or groom. I was in a house that I had never seen before, but knew that it was my family’s house. Apparently, it had been New Year’s Eve the night before. There were sparkling cider and Welch’s grape juice bottles everywhere. Continue reading “A New Year’s Day Wedding and a Conversation with Tim Keller”

Mansions, Zombies, Evangelists & Homemade Lip Gloss

Yes, I know what you are thinking. “What in the world?” right?

Last Friday, I had the privilege of going on KHMG Harvest Family Radio here in Guam, for a special called, “Live ‘til 5” and shared my “Opera Houses & Dinosaurs” dream for the topic of the day (check out the dream below in a previous post). It was truly enjoyable to share my ridiculous dream and to hear other’s crazy dreams as well. Then, that night, I had another vivid dream. I need to say that although I don’t watch anything about zombies, for some reason there was one in my dream. Okay, before I spoil it, it is time to explain this unnatural phenomenon of a dream to you. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m standing in the middle of a beautiful mansion. Dark wood floors and furniture with intricate patterns etched to look like flowers, candles dimly lighting the paintings and portraits that were on every wall. Quickly, I see that I am with a bunch of others. I know they are friends, but I never look at them. It was sunset and the mansion was starting to get dark. All of a sudden, one of the men started growling and physically changing. I looked over and he had turned into a zombie or monster of some sort. We all were terrified and starting running all through the mansion. We starting bumping into people who were living in the mansion and we started warning them to get out because there was a crazy man or monster chasing us all. Through a terrible circumstance, we found that we had to continually run and never stop. If we stopped, the zombie would sense where we were and come to steal the life out of us (“shudder”).

As the hours crept on, we grew weary from running. I suddenly starting running down a flight of stairs and noticed glass doors in the foyer of the mansion by the spiral stairs. I hadn’t noticed them before so I was staring at them. Then all of a sudden, I heard a train and saw light streaming into a tunnel from behind the glass. It was coming towards the mansion. Then people starting lining up as the train came to a stop. The glass doors opened and all the people got inside and the train headed off. Then, I received information from unknown sources that this train was going to be coming each hour to take people from the mansion to safety in the city of Prove (I’ve been watching too much “Great British Baking Show”). I knew it was news I needed to spread to those who had been with me, but I didn’t know where they were. So, I started running again.

I ended up somehow running outside around the mansion where there was a field lined with trees and a picnic table was in the middle of it. I’m not sure why but I ran towards it. I never noticed until I reached the table that a friend had followed me. All of a sudden, a man came around from behind the table. This wasn’t some random man but an evangelist that I knew back in college! He said, “Please come sit, I have something important to tell you. Don’t worry, you are safe while you are with me.” So then, he reached out his hand and gave me and my friend some sparkly pink homemade strawberry lip gloss. He told us to put it on and so we did. I pulled a paintbrush out of the air and put on the lip gloss (currently I have a friend selling Lip Sense and I think this came up because of all the posts that I’ve been seeing lately). He then began to encourage us in the Word. We realized that the lip gloss had nothing to do with anything, but it made our lips feel nice. After he was done sharing, he told us that it was now our mission to gather all those who were in the mansion and get them on the train going to the city of Prove. Then, the sky became so clear that the stars started becoming 3D and starting swarming around us. After this, my friend and I ran inside determined to get everyone on that train.

Once inside, we started telling everyone to go down to the foyer to get ready for the train. At some point, we were told that we could rest because the zombie monster had gone to sleep. So, as I laid down next to the glass doors of the train and closed my eyes, I woke up.

I would love to hear one of your stories! Post below!

Opera Houses & Dinosaurs

Have you ever had a dream that was so detailed it almost felt real, yet was so ridiculous you knew it wasn’t? I happen to have very detailed and intricate dreams at times and I have retold some of these dreams to friends and family because they are so entertaining. However, the other week I had one of the craziest dreams I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously, I don’t know where it came from. So, for your enjoyment, here is my dream, “Opera Houses and Dinosaurs.”

First, I see that I’m in a beautiful opera house. It was probably the most gorgeous one I’ve ever been to and I had never seen it before. It was in the evening and the carpet was a deep red. There was gold in every corner and candlelight in the foyer. The house lights were on and the place was full of people. I realized that the performance must have been over since everyone began chatting and scuffling, trying to leave. I looked over and saw that I was with four other friends. The faces kept changing so I never knew exactly who I was with (I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your dreams), but I knew they were friends of mine. I curiously started looking around at the details in the room when suddenly, I heard gasping. When my friends and I looked over, we saw a man holding a black tube of light. There were six holes on it where the light would stream out. However, it was so bright that it looked like the whole tube was glowing. He then started to weaken while everyone just stared at him not knowing what to do. Then we heard another gasp from across the room. Another man holding an identical tube. Now, here is where it got a little scary…they both started to hunch down like they were fading. All of a sudden I had the knowledge that there were more and we needed to find them quickly. We didn’t know how many tubes there were at first, but when we found 5 tubes and I knew that was what we needed. Once we put the tubes together and held them in the air, the man in front of us immediately healed, but the other man was gone. We found that whatever force it was choosing one person to live.

After everyone frantically left in horror, we then, the 5 of us, decided to pull the tubes of light apart. This was a mistake. We each felt a surge of light pulse through us but didn’t know what it was. The next morning we woke up to have all turned to dinosaurs (absolutely ridiculous). None of us knew what type we were at first because we couldn’t remember anything while we were dinosaurs. Then, at sundown, we would return to our human form. At this point, the opera house had been permanently closed and we all started living there since we couldn’t live normal lives. There was a catch to when we turned into humans though. Each night, after we locked the doors, the light tubes would disperse from their place and disappear inside the opera house. We would then have to find them like we did that first night and bring them together in a holding place or we would die. We knew that we could never let the light tubes escape and hide outside or they would be impossible to find. There was one room that was filled with all kinds of books and unknown objects that would keep us human if we stayed there. We did most of the time but still had to go out for different reasons.

One night, one of my friends decided to follow a curious glow by the lake outside of the opera house. Of course, I followed and saw when we reached the lake that there was a woman there. She was humming and dancing around. The closer I got to her I realized that she looked more like a witch. She had a cauldron that was glowing and putting off a green smoke. She never turned around to look at us but kept pouring things in from her cabinet set making some kind of concoction. All of a sudden, my friend tried to walk up to her and accidentally went through the green smoke coming out of the cauldron. He then starts running towards me and when he ran passed I could see that his face looked different. Almost distorted; like a T-Rex! Before I could react to what I had just seen, I had accidentally walked through the vapor as well. I turned quickly and ran towards the opera house. As soon as I reached the door, I realized that my face was turning and I finally could see that the type of dinosaur I was becoming was probably a Triceratops. In my mind, I knew that somehow this vapor was turning us into dinosaurs permanently. If we couldn’t remember anything while we were dinosaurs during the day we wouldn’t be able to gather the light tubes and then we would all die…and then I woke up.

What’s the craziest dream you have had?