My Jonah Heart

In this time of our country, especially during election season, there are many mixed feelings that start to develop in our hearts and minds. Anger and worry set in at the state of our country and we wonder what our future may be, we get frustrated at the candidates that we have to choose from, we post every … Continue reading My Jonah Heart

Living Waters

It’s almost been 2 1/2 years since my last article on Beyond the Road Less Travelled and God has done a lot in my life since then. I hope to write more frequently and maybe put some posts with thoughts that have been “on the shelf.” Honestly, God’s been teaching me more of the same things … Continue reading Living Waters

What Defines You?

Since traveling, God has been kind to show me sins and faults that I have never seen before. But, for the past two weeks, God has been pealing back some undesirable sins in my life.  There is a difference, you know, in sins that are tolerable and sins that are undesirable. Maybe even describing them … Continue reading What Defines You?