A New Year’s Day Wedding and a Conversation with Tim Keller

It’s been a year since I started sharing my dreams on my blog. Almost to the day! So much has happened and it literally feels as though I’ve been on a roller coaster since moving back from Guam. Because of the busyness, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t dreamed! That is, until last night. Let me just dive in right here…

When the fuzziness starts to fade, I start seeing colors then shapes. I realize that I’m standing in a room with a bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen. They were all trying on a special pink sweatshirt that the bride and groom had selected as their gift for being a part of the wedding party. I knew of the family but had never met the bride or groom. I was in a house that I had never seen before, but knew that it was my family’s house. Apparently, it had been New Year’s Eve the night before. There were sparkling cider and Welch’s grape juice bottles everywhere. Even though it was the beginning of January, it was stifling hot in our house. I don’t know if it was the heater being up so high or if it was from outside. Either way, it was miserable. Our Shepherding Group (like a small group or Bible study) had also stayed in our house playing games and celebrating the new year the night before. That morning we had decided to watch part of a video that went along with our study.

All of a sudden, time sped forward and both of my sisters and I were driving back home from the wedding. My sister, Rebekah was driving and Hannah was in the front seat while I sat behind Bekah. We were just chatting about what we were going to talk about when Tim Keller arrived at our house that afternoon. If you don’t know who Tim Keller is, he is a pastor up in New York City and has written many books. I guess he was coming to counsel us. Which is apparently what we needed because, in the next instant, I said something to Bekah that offended her! Of course, I tried explaining that whatever she thought I said, I didn’t and she needed to hear me out. Meanwhile, Hannah said nothing…which was strange. She just nodded her head in agreement with Bekah. Once we got out of the car, we walked inside the house still arguing. We headed to the kitchen for some lunch and that’s when the argument escalated and got extremely loud. That’s when we noticed Tim Keller…sitting in our living room. He had come early.

I immediately responded with, “Um, hello Pastor Keller. Would you, um like some Pepsi or some of this ‘bubbly’ stuff?”

“Oh no thank you, I had way too much of that stuff last night. But, I’ll take some Pepsi” he said. I then offered him some raspberry ice cream (random…but what isn’t random about this?). He agreed to the ice cream and I proceeded to get him some. (Remember, it’s stifling hot in this house!!) So, I pour him the Pepsi over some ice that immediately liquefies and then unsuringly scoop him some of the raspberry ice cream which quickly turned to raspberry soup. So, after I handed him two very large cups of watered down Pepsi and liquid, room-temperature ice cream, all he could say was, “Humph.”

As we sat down, our voices muted and music started playing like they would in the movies. You know? Like when someone is having a conversation that they assume you know what they are talking about so there are no words and they play soft or intense music? Yup, that’s what happened. No free counseling from Tim Keller unfortunately. I’ll have to figure it out on my own.

When we finished, we got up to leave when my mom, uncle, and aunt walk in the front door. They had been running errands while we were at the wedding and being counseled. My uncle and aunt were headed back home and wanted to say their goodbyes. My aunt then decides to tell us of her newfound practice. “I’m never going to walk to my car again. I’m going to crawl.” “What?” I said. “Do you mean like a baby?”

“No! Like an Army man,” she exclaimed. “But, I also don’t want to get my pants dirty.” So, she proceeded to roll out this white carpet that led all the way to her car, got on the ground and clipped the carpet to a hook that was on her pants so that it would roll up as she crawled to the car. I guess she wanted to be independent and didn’t want anyone helping her.

The End.

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